EGA Fellowship Program



EGA is offering four individual members the chance to participate in its fellowship program in Los Angeles this Fall 2021. Participants will receive an expenses-paid opportunity to broaden their professional understanding of the entertainment localization industry from the perspectives of content creators, distributors and the professionals who support major motion picture productions.

The one-week-long program will include networking events with local studios, service providers, content creatives and executives. Fellows will attend special shadowing sessions with original version counterparts in directing, sound mixing, and writing.

The program is scheduled to take place the week of November 15, 2021 and is open to all eligible individual members of EGA. An individual member will be selected from each of the following disciplines: subtitling, adaptation, dubbing direction and audio mixing. Applicants will be screened by an EGA selection committee based on their past work, professional references, academic backgrounds and an essay submission.

Once selected, they will officially enter the fellowship program which extends beyond the trip and includes a one-year-long journey of professional growth through continued education, mentoring and ultimately helping transition the next fellowship class. 

EGA will take fellowship applications from all eligible individual members until the application deadline Wednesday, April 28, 2021. All individuals with a membership active prior to the application deadline are eligible for program participation.



  • What’s paid for by EGA?
    Your air travel, hotel and food will be covered under the fellowship program. Visa fees, vaccinations or other indirect costs will be covered by the individual.
  • Will I get paid for this?
    Unfortunately, no. While your expenses will be covered, we cannot pay participants. This is partially because of visa issues and also because of budget constraints. While we realize fellows will have to forgo work for the week of the travel experience, our hope is the program will outweigh the loss of the week’s work. 
  • Where will I stay?
    EGA will be covering the fellows accommodations. All fellows will be staying at a Hyatt hotel in Glendale conveniently located minutes between Burbank and Hollywood.
  • What will I be doing while I’m in LA?
    The fellowship is designed to be an experiential learning opportunity. So you will be going to facilities, meeting with executives, attending hosted social events and having debriefs with EGA staff. It will be busy so bring comfy shoes.
  • What happens when the trip is over?
    You won’t be done with the fellowship experience when you leave LA. There will be a series of meetings, discussions and special webinars.
  • What do I get at the end of all this?
    Respect, something earned and not bought. When you finish the program you will be an EGA Fellow and retain this title for the rest of your careers. You will have a logo license agreement which allows you to market yourself as an EGA Fellow and differentiate yourself from your peers.
  • What are my obligations as an EGA fellow?
    • Be a role model to other localization professionals, model a commitment to high quality localization, be an active member of the EGA community, act with a high level of professional integrity. 
    • Aid in the selection process for subsequent fellowship classes.
    • Lead two 1-hour fellowship discussions in the year following your fellowship.
    • Write a 2000 word essay on your fellowship experience at the end of your program.
    • Participate in future fellowship marketing efforts, including granting permission to use your likeness in EGA marketing material.
  • I see that a company is the sponsor of the program, am I agreeing to anything with that company?
    • No, in 2021 Iyuno SDI Group has graciously agreed to cover the cost of this program, but there’s no obligation between fellows and Iyuno SDI Group.  
    • In the future we think other EGA member companies will also sponsor the fellowship classes or specific fellows, this is just a way for member companies to support the program and our individual members.



  • EGA individual member in good standing.
  • Verifiable credits within the last 6 months.
  • Must read, write and speak english at a professional level.
  • Must have three professional references.
  • 5-10 years of experience. 
  • Must be freelance or independent. 
  • From the discipline of: Dubbing Director, Adaptor, Subtitler or Audio Engineer.
  • Willing to mentor future professionals.
  • Willing to generate a post fellowship report for publication. 


Application Process:

  1. Fill out application form.
  2. Verification of information and eligibility.
  3. Review of essay and verification of references.
  4. Fellowship selection board to rank top five per category. 
  5. Interview with selection committee. 
  6. Final two candidate are given panel interviews.



Please email with any questions. 

Application Deadline: April 28, 2021

Apply Here: Application Form

Become an EGA fellow


2021 Fellowship Class Sponsored by:

Iyuno SDI Group