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The Seed That Grows The Localization Tree

The EGA fellowship will provide an experiential learning opportunity that will change the impact the participants forever and help make all members elevate the localization industry.


How Do You Eat An Elephant?

All the streamers will have the potential to bring great stories from around the world to the devices of content loving Indian audiences.  But in a country with 447 languages across 1.3b people, my money for the most effective, daisy cutting bomb is on localization.  Whichever streaming service decides to speak to its members in their native tongues, touching their hearts with well crafted...

EGA has nearly doubled since its launch three and half months ago. With the growth, the voice of quality, creative intent and global story telling gets louder and stronger. 99 committed companies and over 400 individuals are ready to tell your story to the world.

Stand up comedy

How Do We Stand Up to Stand-Up? by Lyolya Pervushina, Editor at RuFilms

Take 1

The good, the bad and the ugly: Covid-19’s effect on M&E by Louise Tapia, Take 1 CEO.

EGA Member Marcos Padró, Managing Director of Marmac Group in Argentina explains how all of Latin America is served by a unique entertainment dialect of Spanish.

Our Guest blogger Rhys Lloyd, Studio Head, Descriptive Video Works makes a compelling case for Audio Description as an effective way to be more inclusive as a service to a very large underserved community with the entertainment landscape.

Netflix surpassed 200M members this week, but they didn't do it alone.